Meet the Team


Student Ambassadors

Omar Fahmy

Omar is pursuing a major in Political Science, along with a Double Minor in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (MEIS), and Documentary Filmmaking. Having grown up between the United States and the Middle East, he considers both worlds his home. When not working on the UN Initiative, Omar can be found sifting through endless jazz and hip hop playlists, most likely surrounded by animals.

Frederico Fróes

Frederico is a senior majoring in Politics at the College of Arts and Science. His areas of interests include political theory, comparative politics and international politics. Originally from Brazil, he hopes his studies may help him better understand his country’s lively political system.

Brett COhen

Brett is in his first year at NYU, studying Politics in the College of Arts and Sciences. He is new to Model UN, but is passionate about all things related to international politics and diplomacy. He hails from Phoenix, Arizona, but is excited to be living in New York. Aside from MUN, he is also a participant in the Politics Society and is passionate about creative writing and music.

Lara Calkivik

Lara is a Sophomore in Gallatin. Her concentration is currently in the Politics and Understanding of Climate Change. Born and raised in Istanbul Turkey, She experienced various social and political change which ignited her interest in politics. She also attended a french high school where she revitalized the MUN program. Through her involvement in MUN she realized the intersection between environment and politics which she is pursuing right now. Lara is also the director of programming for Gallatin student council and can be usually found in the Gallatin Student Lounge.

Sanjana BHambhani

Sanjana is a first-year student currently concentrating in International Relations and Performing Arts at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Studies. She has been involved in Model United Nations events as a chair, moderator, delegate and in other capacities since high school, and is passionate about advocating for and bringing about socio-political change on an international level. She has led environmental and community-service based projects on several occasion, one being in 2016 when she developed an initiative called ‘Project AkS’ which held workshops and events based on spreading awareness about child rights through the medium of  theatre, for underprivileged students in the Kishangarh village of New Delhi, India. She hopes to, one day, combine her passion for the arts and social issues to affect change on a larger scale.

Hannah Carter

Hannah is in her second year at Gallatin, concentrating on ancient works and philosophy and their impact on modern international politics.  She holds a specific passion for finding diplomatic solutions, aided by her participation at the UN Prep-Com for Non-Proliferation in Geneva, Switzerland. Apart from her collegiate duties, she enjoys reading and volunteering for various organizations and politicians. Hannah looks forward to her time with UNI.

Gian Marco Candolo

Gian Marco is a senior pursuing a major in Politics and a double minor in French Studies and Media, Culture, and Communication. He is a research assistant for NYU's Social Media and Political Participation (SMaPP) as well as an Editor for the Journal of Politics & International Affairs. Gian Marco is originally from São Paulo, Brazil.

Imogen Fordyce

Imogen is a Junior in the College of Arts and Science studying International Relations with a minor in French. Coming from the UK, UN Initiative has offered Imogen opportunities to connect with global leaders that once seemed impossible to her. Imogen’s passions include political podcasts, Reese’s white chocolate peanut butter cups, and maintaining her British accent for the extent of her time in NYC.

Mecca Sucor

Mecca is currently a junior studying Politics with a minor in Psychology. Growing up in the Philippines, she realized she is highly interested in human rights, specifically those of children and of indigenous people. She has interned for and participated in programs of local and international non-governmental and nonprofit organizations that target human rights issues. As a UNI ambassador, Mecca is looking forward to giving an opportunity for NYU students to learn about international politics and diplomacy from experienced individuals. In her free time, she enjoys reading and binge-watching variety shows.

Minji Kim

Minji was born in Seoul and raised a few blocks from the Apple headquarters. She is currently a freshman at New York University studying Media, Culture, and Communications in Steinhardt. She's heavily interested in transnational communications, politics, and fake news. Her passion lies abroad in South Korea.

Yara Sayegh

Yara is a Master’s student at the NYU Center for Global Affairs double concentrating in Transnational Security and International Relations & Global Futures. She is the product of two cultures, Middle Eastern and American, that taught her respect, civism, flexibility, and value to one’s roots and principles. She is passionate about justice and post-conflict communities and is currently pursuing the foundation of a transitional justice platform known as Truth Be Told.

Camron SHahidi

Camron is a freshman at New York University. He currently majors in Liberal Studies, and is interested in studying International Relations in the future. Camron has spent extensive time abroad, and through his travels and studies has come to learn Spanish, German, Farsi, and Catalan. In his free time, Camron greatly enjoys composing/playing music, taking walks in nature, and poetry.